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New line of Multi-Racial Dolls Encourage Children to

TORONTO – With its mission to fill a void in today’s doll market, Toronto based YNU GROUP will showcase its award-winning MIXIS™ line of multi-racial fashion dolls at The Chicago International Toy and Game Fair (November 16-18, 2007), also known as Chi-Tag. Chi-Tag is a unique opportunity for the brand because it allows for direct feedback from the consumer as it is the largest exhibition of toys and games open to the public in the United States.

Each Mixis™ doll portrays distinct and realistic features, with combinations of two or more racial groups -- complete with varying colored eyes, light to dark skin tones and straight, wavy or curly hair. These premium dolls have been thoughtfully designed with different skin tones, realistically painted eyes, fully articulated arms and legs and a naturally proportioned body that gives the dolls vibrancy, beauty and an individuality that is immediately appealing.

“We surveyed children and quickly discovered what was missing in today’s doll offerings”, says Debbie Goodland, founder and president of YNU Group/Mixis ™ “They overwhelmingly responded that they wanted ‘a doll that looks like me,’ one that they could better relate to. That is why we developed this beautiful and fashionable line of realistic looking multi-racial dolls.” “Mixis™ Dolls are designed to realistically portray and better reflect the growing number of children sharing two or more distinct racial backgrounds. This fusion of races include people of African heritage, Native People, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Caucasians,” continues Goodland. “Children can identify with one or more of the dolls on a personal level. The focus is on the blending and fusion of races, ethnicities and cultures, thereby encouraging a dialogue between children and their families that explores their cultural richness and diversity”, says Goodland.

“The dolls can help teach children to see and to appreciate the beauty in themselves and in every human being. An early appreciation of the uniqueness in color, shape and size is beautiful, and offers extraordinary value,” says Goodland.

The timing is right. “Today many of the celebrity icons of beauty and, or role-models are Mixis”, continues Goodland, “take a look at Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, Norah Jones, American Idol - Jordin Sparks, Kimora Lee Simmons and Salma Hayek!”

YNU Group Inc. was established in 2005 to create self awareness products for a rapidly growing, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and diverse youth market. Designed to cultivate respect and celebrate the similarities and differences of all people groups. YNU Group products includes: dolls, ethnically inspired doll clothing and accessories, costume jewelry, dioramas, scrapbooks, and an interactive website. The Mixis™ Website is dedicated to the journey of the Mixis™ friends, to their travels and their search to find out about themselves and their heritage. It is an interactive site that engages children to learn in a fun and entertaining way. Mixis™ owners will be able to access exclusive stories and other online opportunities with the purchase of a Mixis™ doll. Please watch the Mixis.com website for line extensions and new product launches.

  • The 2007 Creative Child Awards panel has recently awarded the Mixis™ Dolls a SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD in the Collectible Dolls for Kids category!

    Chi-Tag is unique in that it is the largest exhibition of toys and games open to the public in the United States. The Fair will be held at the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois from November 16-18. The trade will be admitted on all days and the general public is invited to attend on the 17th and 18th.

    Purchase information is available on the internet at www.mixis.com or by emailing the company at info@ynugroup.com

  • Toy Fair Attendees Note:

    If you are attending the Chicago International Toy and Game Fair, please visit Mixis™ at Booth #612. Dolls will be on display and company president, Debbie Goodland, will be available for interviews.

  • For media interviews, high resolution images or more information about Mixis™, contact Debbie Goodland at YNU Group’s office at 416-630-0218 or Debbie’s cell phone 647-405-2960.
  • For more details about Mixis™ dolls visit our web site at: www.MIXIS.com
  • Buyers, distributors or prospective customers, please contact Mixis™ directly at (866) 330-DOLL or via email at sales@ynugroup.com.
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